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Tower Square Sensor Bin 58 Litre

This Tower motion sensor bin is a stylish looking addition to any kitchen and with a 58 litre capacity, it will meet the disposal needs for most families. It features an infrared motion sensor, located at the front of the lid, and automatically senses movement when your hand approaches.

The lid will automatically close after 5 seconds of inactivity has passed. The stainless steel bin body features a non-corrosive coating, meaning no rust will appear from any splashes during use.

You can turn the bin opening to manual mode if you want to have the bin lid open for extended periods of time. This is controlled by a simple on/off button control on the lid.

As with any sensor bin, batteries are needed to power it and this Tower model requires 4 x ‘AA’ batteries. We recommend Duracell batteries as these always perform well in our tests.

Finally, this bin comes with a generous 5-year guarantee so you can be confident that should anything fail in those first 5 years, you’ll be covered. Details of how to claim in the event of a failure can be found in the box.

This bin doesn’t have an internal bucket – the bin liner attaches to a ring inside and is suspended from that.

There’s a choice of colours too – choose from Silver, Black, Almond and Charcoal.


  • 58 litre capacity
  • Infrared
  • Choice of colours
  • Lid closes after 5 seconds of inactivity
  • Manual mode
  • 5 year guarantee
Make and Model: Tower T80901
Weight: 3.2kg
Capacity: 58L
Date first sold: 22-01-2015
Dimensions: 65.8 x 43.8 x 32.8 cm
Material: Steel

Common Questions

What size bin liners can I use with this bin?

We used swing bin liners – 1200mm x 760mm, capacity 50 litres and fitted the bin fine. Any 58L bin liner will be fine though.

When the lid is open, what is the overall height of the bin?

It’s a good question especially if you’re restricted on height where you bin is stored. The height with the lid open is approximately 35 inches or 89 cm.

Final thoughts...

A good sized kitchen bin from a trusted brand with a generous 5 year warranty to match.