Dihl Dual Bin Review

Here we have a Dihl motion sensor bin that has an extra feature over many of its counterparts – dual compartments! If you’re a keen recycler and like to separate your rubbish as you throw, then this Dihl dual sensor bin is well worth a look.

The overall capacity of the bin is a generous 50L and is split into 2 x 25L compartments. Depending on what you like to recycle, you can use one compartment for general waste, and the other for your recyclable items, be it plastics, glass, tins or even items for the compost heap.

The lid opening operatin is smooth and quiet, with the lid remaining open for 6 seconds before closing automatically – plenty of time to make your trash deposit and walk away.

You’ll need 6 x ‘AA’ batteries to power this bin, and unsurprisingly, these aren’t supplied with the unit. However, batteries can be easily added to your cart should you decide to buy through Amazon.

The bin when empty weighs 5.16kg and the dimensions are as follows: 54.2 x 46.2 x 34.4 cm

You also get a 12 month guarantee to cover you should anything go wrong with the bin during the first year.